Limo Package Ticket #8 (Route 4 – Start at Extra St.)

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You can print this message or show it on your phone at the door of the houses that you visit.

Tour Route 4 will visit houses in the following order:

  • 21 Extra Street
  • 154 Kathleen Street
  • 9 Kingsley Court
  • 7679 Maltby Road East
  • 42 Ridgeway Avenue
  • 37 Metcalfe Street

Tour-goers are required to wear a face mask or facial covering for the duration of time inside of the homes. Please wear footwear and clothing appropriate for the weather as you may have to wait outside before entering the homes.

On Saturday November 20th, houses will open at 10:00 AM and last entry into the homes will be at 4:45 PM. Visit on the following day to enjoy the virtual tour experience as well.