Mont Street

This beautiful Victorian red-brick home built in 1890 is one of the oldest on our tour and also one of the most impressive.

For those who enjoy colour beautifully splashed about in an eclectic design that amazes and pleases the eye, this home will be a treat. Darkly coloured rooms are accented with furniture in deep, beautiful colours and exquisite fabrics.

Accents and walls feature dramatic jewel tones or sophisticated shimmers such as silver and gold. Rooms with light-coloured walls pop with magnificent artwork, textured furniture, and light wood accents.

For anyone with a passion for home design or simply a love of a well-decorated home, this house will be a must-see. Recent renovations include turning what was previously an attic into an upstairs bedroom with an en-suite bathroom to make this a four-bedroom home. The first floor includes a welcoming living area, a dining room, and a smaller den area.

One incredible element of this home is that the front door remains from the original home. The owner modernized the space through design and aesthetics, using colours, décor, and accents to create a modern living experience in a 19th-century space.

For those looking for inspiration on updating older homes without tearing down too much of the original space, this house offers plenty! As the saying goes, this one is an oldie but a goodie.

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