Fairview Blvd

At first glance, it’s obvious that the owners of this home on Fairview Boulevard are passionate about design and architecture, but once you walk inside you will understand how deep that passion runs!

The owners describe the original home as the “ultimate 1960s party house”, which suited their needs well when buying the house as a great place to entertain was high on their must-have list. Structurally, the house was very well built and easily facilitated the incredible renovations completed over the past two years. The owners’ goal was to enhance the natural beauty of the home while also making it compatible with a 21st-century lifestyle.

Entering the home, you ascend a beautiful staircase to a gorgeous living area with plenty of natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the couple’s eye-catching and well-manicured garden. The bright white wall colour is offset by darker-toned furniture and decor, with carefully selected artwork and accent pieces that make the home reminiscent of something seen in Architectural Digest.

Many of the original elements, such as bricks and wood, were kept and painted over to maintain the home’s charm while rejuvenating its appearance. Renovations have created the perfect space for entertaining with an incredible living and dining area adjacent to a beautifully modern kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a high-end marble island. In contrast to the original space, the home is now more open with new windows and well-placed lighting used to brighten and enhance the space even more.

A trip down the main hallway reveals an ingenious laundry room and show-stopping skylight that helps, along with the heightened ceilings, to add light and openness to the space.

No detail is too small to escape the keen designer eye of these owners—you’ll notice exquisite final touches throughout the house including brass accents and zebra walnut (if you don’t know what that is, you will when you see it!). Every detail was intentional and every element has a purpose.

While the owners’ sophisticated design style can be described as minimalist, there is nothing minimal about the thought and effort that was put into turning this mid-century “party house” into the quintessential entertainment home that is both as functional as it is beautiful to behold.

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